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How do I upload my hash?

At the checkout page you can upload your hash as a txt file or upload a supported password protected document (see supported hashes listed below)

What type of hashes do you support?

We support all the hashes listed here
We also support the following file types that can be password protected :-
Office Documents (Excel, word, Powerpoint)

What is the Difference between paid and free?

The Free version of our service only find very easy guess-able passwords and is NOT distributed to our “client” network.
The Paid versions are likely to find very complex passwords and also are distributed to our “client” network, thus increasing your chances of recovering your password.

The 10 Mins free option is “out of stock”?

We Limit the number of Free submissions to stop abuse of our service, please check back again soon to check availability.

I submitted a hash with an order but have not yet received the results?

Please be patient, We will get around to your order. This is depending on how many orders have been submitted before yours.
You will always receive an email with results.

How Does the Client Work ?

For All Client Questions, Please visit out forum or
See our Client Page Found HERE.


This Website and Automated Service is for experienced in house “Red Team” Penetration testers Only and provided solely for Educational Purposes.

We do not retain, store or hold any uploaded data.

We accept no responsibility or liability for this Automated service.

No Guarantee’s or Refunds.

If you need to ask a question, Heard over to our forum found HERE